Multi-function Curb Slipform Paver



ACP-900 is a new type of electronically controlled full hydraulic curb paver, which is firstly developed in China by Zhenjiang ARAN Machinery Co., Ltd. by combining the performance characteristics of foreign counterpart products. The product realizes the automatic control of two longitudinal slopes, a horizontal slope, and steering. The travelling system and vibrator is hydraulically driven. Featuring stepless speed change and vibration frequency conversion adjustment function, ACP-900 curb paver is a high-tech product with the integrative technique of mechanics-electronics-hydraulics.

The ACP-900 is easy to operate. With only three operators on-site, the paver can perform the construction and pave the required curbs of various shapes.

Main Technical parameters

Dimensions and Weight

Length5000 mm
Main body width2160 mm
Molds width700 mm
Height2550 mm
Weight6000 kg


Front1200×300×480 mm^3Reliable and long-lasting.
Rear1200×300×480 mm^3Reliable and long-lasting.
Side1200×300×480 mm^3Reliable and long-lasting.


Paving0~12 m/min
Driving0~45 m/min

Climbing Ability

No-load climbing capacity15%
Working climbing capacity10%
Uphill braking performance on 12% slopes Reliable parking
Downhill braking performance on 12% slopes Reliable parking

Hydraulic and electrical properties

Hydraulic tank volume120 L
Hydraulic oil cleanliness15/12 rating
Maxi. temperature of hydraulic oil≤80 ℃
Operating ambient temperature of the hydraulic system-20~35 ℃
Normal working voltage0.8~1.25 times rated voltage
Normal working humidity90%
Normal working temperature-20~75 ℃
Vibration acceleration for normal operation≤10
The impact acceleration for normal operation≤15

Operational Reliability

Mean trouble-free working time≥100 hReliable operation of 400 h
The working hours from the start of use to the first overhaul≥5000 hOverhaul refers to the overall disintegration for repairing or replacing for any part, including the basic part

Engine System

ModelCummins B3.3
Power60 kW (2200r/min)
CoolingForced water cooling
Fuel≤235 g/kW•h

Curb Specifications

Width950 mm
Height500 mm
ShapeAccording to user requirements
Width deviation≤5 mm
Height deviation≤10 mm
Longitudinal unevenness≤ 3mm / 3m ruler
Linear deviation10 mm
Degree of collapseUsing an external vibrator, the concrete collapse degree can reach 0 mm, with no collapse and deformation after molding

Curb Molding Example

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